Light Unseen

Here is the new lyric video from Light Unseen


The Beckoning

So the wrong version of The Beckoning - Symphony Of The Apocalypse got uploaded everywhere. My bad taking that down and will return sometime in the future with the right version.



our second noise release

We have ventured into the arena of Harsh Noise (which is truly an acquired taste) its not really music and definitely not commercial! With that said I am proud to announce the new Nosral Release a split album between Thief…

Shadow Puncher - One Path to the Heavenly Kingdom

We will be re-releasing all 3 of the Shadow Puncher demos/self releases as one single release called One Path To The Heavenly Kingdom and it is coming out soon. We are sending off to have them remastered this week!  Once…


Nattesorg has been a part of the Unblack legions for the past 12 years or so. We would love to welcome this band to the label. We are working thru the details now but the first release From The Mountain…

The Beckoning

A short time back we were informed that The Beckoning were going to stop being a band. This really saddened us but we understand that life is full of many things and sometimes things change. We bless them as they…


New Releases

Out today

Outrage AD - New Blood You can order CDs thru our website 

or go here


Shadow Puncher - Self Titled order CDs from our webstore or go here:


Cruentis Album Teaser

Crushing Canadian Metal here! the teaser from the forthcoming Cruentis album!