Symphony Of Heaven Lyric Video

Symphony Of Heaven has a new album coming out Nov 24th Here is In Angers Midst from the album The Season Of Death

The Beckoning

I just wanted to officially welcome The Beckoning to the label. I look forward to a wonderful time of putting out amazing world changing albums! (i actually believe that about all the artists on this label)

Shadow Puncher

We would like to welcome Shadow Puncher to the Nosral Recordings roster! 

Old Man Frost

We will be releasing Old Man Frost material. We will make the songs available for digital download as they are finished. When all the songs are finally completed we will then release the collection as a physical CD.

Enemy of Satan

We have signed Indonesian Metal act Enemy of Satan. The album is about 75% done and we are eagerly awaiting when we will be able to unleash this upon the world! 

Katharos is being mastered

We sent out the new 2 song digital single from Katharos off to be mastered.   True raw Spirit filled black metal by Fire  and Taberah of Elgibbor fame