From the album The Desolation Of War

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Darkness envelopes the sanctuary
Where seducers bequeath their greed
In a haze of shattered dreams and mourning souls requiem
No endless woe could ever bring me rest

Protect me from the wolves of prey
That lead the wayward souls astray
No endless woe could ever bring me rest
Save me from the sweet caress of the deceivers

Serpents in every garden
Twisting timeless truths
Baiting the lusts of men
With Subterfuge

And so is the masquerade
Bearing the name
Mammon is the golden calf
That fuels the bastard's flame

With psalms and savvy
Seducing their whores
Conceived on a bed of larvae
Metamorphosis diabolical

Princes of deception
disguising as angels of light
Bearers of the scriptures
While hunting like wolves in the night

Be aware of this apostasy
Be aware of this delusion

Come out of her my people