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  1. Mass of Life

From the album New Blood

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Mass of Life

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Mass of Life
Sunday's mass is halfway done,
Even yet there is no sun,
Communion time is near,
God's death gives us fear

Sacred rites are preformed,
Spirits dead are now unborn,
Cries from hell are not heard,
Satan's children, demon suffered

Offering the bread of life,
To Joseph's son and of his wife,
Wine represents the blood of Christ,
Forgiveness of sin, bringing holy life

Mass is over, now to remember
Acting of peace, never cease
Showing the way, that will pay
Up to heaven, with God's children

Carry your cross and follow me,
Live your life like it's suppose to be,
Turn away from sin or die,
In hell your soul will lie

Do not live on bread only,
But on God's holy work,
Long you will live, eternally
In heaven with the Lord.