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  1. Unreal Trip

From the album New Blood

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Unreal Trip

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Unreal Trip

Unpure nicotine mixed and hidden,
Crushed aspirins with dried up plants,
A dust changing you into an angel,
Only once, now addicted

Toke your way to your death

Straw ending on a mirror,
Where the cuts of a razor,
Have been made, equally done,
Where's your life ? Has it gone ??

Toxic drugs killing your cells,
Escaping reality in your own world,
Freeing yourself of all cruel problems,
Only black lungs, leading to your death

Having fun yet !!?!

Useless bum now you are
But with help you can survive
Changing all you ways of living,
To a better way, to stay.... drug free !!

Drug free !! Drug free !!