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  1. Death Crow

From the album New Blood

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Death Crow

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Death Crow

Living death flies upon us,
When the end, power is lust,
Lost in world of sinful delusions,
A new beginning will bring in union

This evil bird will be defeated
At last, the past, the enemy

Under his feet our Father deleted
All things, He rules, extremely

We die, you cry,
Until then we will fly,
Some die, others cry,
They fly high to reach the sky

Believing in thy Man, who raised up to stand,
Our Father takes us back, if we follow the right track

Above the clouds they roam,
Reaching every heart alone,
The feeder filled with death,
Thou seeds of life bring our last breath

This day reverses darkness,
In light the people be,
He comes among all evilness,
The birds of life you will see