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  1. All Hail Nothing

From the album Alpha & Omega

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The god of dung, the lord of lies
Your words are meaningless like buzzing little flies
All you are to me is just another wretched flea, you cannot overpower me
Because the Son has set me free, can’t you see
Your servants thrashing around, bleeding out on the ground
But you don’t heed their call you’ve got no power at all
And at the end of days will come a reckoning
Your kingdom, your kingdom, your kingdom will fall

All hail, the king is coming in, you better bow your knee
He’s the ruler of nothing, and no one heeds his call

So pathetic, life is wasted, prowling lion, with no teeth left
Hear him roar, he’s got no bite, his claws are blunted, hollow threat
He’s a snake, that’s got no venom, struck the heel, but had his head crushed
No more power, been defeated, soon his reign is over

All hail, the monarch of the mud, here he comes again
He promised riches, power and fame, but it’s not his to give

Honour squandered, trust betrayed, lord of light cast into darkness
Chance to be an honoured angel, ruined it with your own pride
Tried to fight it, can’t abide it, but your efforts led to nothing
Thought you’d won, you killed the Son, no one’s ever been more wrong


You killed His Son
He was the only one
You sought to take His place
Enslave the human race
But what you didn’t see
Is that it wasn’t your victory
All hail nothing
All hail nothing
You’re not a king, you’re just a puppet on a string
So all hail nothing

All hail nothing
All hail nothing
All hail nothing
All hail
All hail